As Winterfest 2021 is underway for Fortnite Chapter 3 the players can get the chance to unlock free skins and other goodies by completing the Winterfest challenges. 

One of the latest Winterfest 2021 challenges is to destroy the 10 Holiday Decorations. These decorations are placed in different locations. Let’s take a look at where to find those decorations so that you can destroy those and earn freebies.

Locations of Holiday Decorations

The holiday decorations are everywhere from doors to houses as a player, your task is to identify the decorations and destroy them. Even if you doubt anything that it could be a decoration, simply destroy it and you will find out whether it was worth it or not. Destroying will be super-fun itself as well. 

If we talk about specific ideal locations to find the Holiday Decorations, those are POIs having houses like Greasy Grove and Coney Crossroads.

The decorations are scattered across all buildings anyway so it won’t be a tough task to find them. 

much any location that has plenty of buildings, so it shouldn’t be too hard to complete this quest.

The Destruction Tactic

Destruction of the Holiday Decorations is quite simple. You can simply destruct those either with your pickaxe or through shooting them, however, shooting will waste your ammo. Remember that to complete this Winterfest challenge, you need to destroy total of 10 Holiday Decorations. You can destruct decorations in regular matches, you don’t need to destroy those in a single match.

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