GTA 6 has been the most long-awaited game of all time probably. While there have been expansions packs as well as a definitive trilogy edition (which failed miserably), the last installment of the Main Series was GTA 5 which was released back in 2013.

Although as per recent updates, GTA 6 is expected to release sometime around the first quarter of 2022. The graphics modders are in no mode of rest and waiting. Graphics mods have a long history and it has always been fun for moders to visually improve the game and characters through the mods. 

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Recently, some of the modders have done a fantastic job for GTA 5 graphics and tried to make it as photo-realistic as possible. 

The graphics mods of GTA 5 have been extended to a degree that seriously poses a challenge for Take-2 for the upcoming GTA 6. Yes, we are not kidding. Let us show you some of the footage here 😊

DubstepZz has recently shown GTA on an RTX 3090 graphics card with the mod installed. Take a look at the amazing visuals and realism in the graphics, it’s indeed pretty advanced than the original game.

Moreover, another modding effort by INTER has done wonders by showcasing first-person shooting gameplay as well as amazing visuals while driving vehicles. Take a look 😉

By seeing these couple of examples, we would say that fans are already there with high expectations for GTA 6. If they can produce something like this through graphics mods, imagine what would be their expectations from GTA 6 visuals and graphics. Let’s hope for the delightful experience ahead.

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