COD and Battlefield are top competitors and over Twitch viewership, there is always a battle going on about which game is dominating the other one. Off recent Battlefield 2042 was leading the chart since its launch over Twitch. However, in the recent past, the game is falling behind three COD titles. 

The battlefield was relying on Battlefield V for the past 2 years competing against four COD titles known as Modern Warfare 2019, Warzone, Black Ops Cold war, and Vanguard.

Come 2021, Battlefield2042 released on November 19 however, the player base is declining constantly against COD titles on Twitch. The renowned Call of Duty content creator JGOD admitted this over Twitter and claimed that Battlefield has been quite down the line on Twitch’s games list.

Notable industry insider Tom Henderson also stated that BF2042 has declined over 70% since its launch overall. 

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This has been quite a disappointment since players were expecting BF2042 to come with a bang and give a tough time to its competitors i.e. CoD titles however the case is the opposite while COD titles are storming over Twitch BF2042 has yet to make its mark.

We will have to see how the competition fares in the weeks to come.

Source(s): Dexerto

Image Credit: Tom’s Guide

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