Esports has now been considered a multi-billion dollars industry with a humungous number of players comprised of teams all across the world. Call of Duty League was inaugurated into the Esports industry back in 2000. The game had a lot of hype and hefty money poured into empowering it however, the Call of Duty League struggled and fans were doubtful about it. 

Not much attention was given to the Fans’ concerns and skepticism on this league. Come 2022, and Call of Duty Vanguard season is arriving and this season could decide the future of this league. 

The reasons for CDL League’s low performance

Primarily, the disappointment starts from the lack of teams for CDL. The reasons CDL league struggling to make a mark in Esports go back to the 2021 season with Black Ops Cold War, due attention was not given to the layout of the league after that. 

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Meanwhile the merger of Envy and OpTic (two renowned Esports Entertainment Organizations) took place. Envy agreed to purchase NRG’s Chicago for the slot as part of the deal, however, NRG pulled out from CDL, Envy struggled to onboard teams for the empty slot. The fans, on the other hand, wanted a higher number of teams while CDL on the other hand was struggling to fill the existing spots it started with.

The Challenges for CDL

Apart from the slots issue and fans’ concerns over it. CDL is also facing tough competition from Warzone and Halo Infinite. Players are swiftly switching to these games from CDL due to a lot of attraction from these two games especially from Halo Infinite so many amateur CDL players are attracted to these competitor games.

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Bad Viewership

The viewership of CDL had been awful relative to the competitor games. Though CDL has views over YouTube of the recorded videos, however the live viewership is continuing to decline. The challenge for CDL Vanguard is to convert these views into live events viewership and make these casual players into Hardcore and loyal CDL followers.

Will this happen? We will have to wait and see how CDL overcomes these challenges in the year 2022 which can prove a make or break for it

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