Early this morning, Epic Games launched Chapter 3 Season 1 of Fortnite called “Flipped”. There are many new and exciting changes in the world of Fortnite such as snow-covered island, new weather condition features, and new locations like the Sanctuary. or Daily Bugle. Anyone who picks up this season new Battle Pass will receive skins such as Spider Man (Page 9 in Battle Pass) or The Foundation, who is played by ‘The Rock’. Full rundown of the Battle Pass below:

It also seems that Fortnite added new mechanics to the popular battle royal. This season comes with two new mechanics, Sliding and swinging. And for any players who spend most of your time in creative mode will now earn battle pass Xp in player-made games.

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Developers at Epic introduced some persistent elements to their game. Here is how they explained it.

This new chapter brings camps, where players and their squad can heal and store items from match to match — bringing new persistent, social gameplay options to Fortnite. Plus, there are new weapons and items to help win a victory royale and earn the all-new, ultimate prestige — the Victory Crown. Keep winning to keep the crown.

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Many details about Chapter 3 were leaked early on Saturday, way ahead of the live event. After the live event, player could see the island completely flip over. After the game went down, players stared at there character floating at sea for many hours. Once downtime had ended, players started to wash up on shore of the new map before talking with The Foundation, or more popularly know as ‘The Rock’.

Full recap of ‘The End’ event right here:

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