With a game with no campaign, Fortnite has an ongoing story through the Battle Royal mode. Epic Games have intrigued many players into the a game were each match has the same format.

With Chapter 3 approaching soon, the talk amongst the player have been super active and still trying to find out whats in store with the new Chapter. But to your surprise, its an old theory that many fans believe.

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Even though he has never appeared in Fortnite one time, The Rock has been a subject of interest for a while. And The Rock has just dropped the biggest hint that is was true the whole time.

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Ever since he appeared at the end of Season 5 of Chapter 2, many players believed the leader of The Seven was being played by the famous actor.

The masked characters voice sounded very similar to the former WWE star, but his armor looked like the Rocks left side tattoo. Leakers also found files in game of the Foundation lines are in a folder called “DJ” (Dwayne Johnson).

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In a recent tweet from Dwayne Johnson, there was a video discussing his Zoe Energy Brand, and Dwayne pulls out a ice-cold drink from the fridge. On the top shelf, near the cans, you will see The Foundation’s helmet sitting there. Even though he doesnt talk about it, its clear to many fans that he infisized on the words “Zero Point” and “Foundation”.

With Chapter 3 and a brand new Battle Pass on its way, we might see Johnson’s face in the mix of that.

Sadly, we will have to wait only a couple more days to find out if this theory is true or not. Stay tuned on TheGamingWeb for any more news about this new Fortnite Era.

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