Shroud has the most popular channel on Twitch, having over 9.8 million followers.

He is in the top 5 for most followers on all of Twitch. With his amount of popularity also comes a crazy amount of Twitch subscribers, which Shroud admits to not even knowing the amount he has.

Who is Shroud? The CS:GO pro turned streaming superstar | GINX Esports TV
GINX Esports TV

During Shrouds like viewing party of the Valorant Champion tournament, Tarik, AverageJonas, and Vansilli tagged along to watch the exciting games.

The group was messing around about taking their clothes of the more subs they gained, which Shoud replied: “I don’t think I’ve read a sub in months.”

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Tarik then replied “I was talking to Shroud two or three months ago and I was like,’ What’s your sub count?’ and he said, ‘Honestly, I don’t even know. I haven’t looked in six months now, let me check.’ He literally said he had no idea, and he had to go check to see.”

As Shroud did confirm the story was true, the group was laughing at the thought of Shroud being so big he doesn’t even know his own sub count.

For lots of streamers, their sub count is their main source of income.

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But when you get to Shrouds level, with nearly 10 million followers, tracking it all takes to long.

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