We are now just a coupe of days away from the start of Fortnite Chapter 3, and the leaks have already begun. A video that look like the reveal trailer for Chapter 3 has been shared.

While this trailer was released early, it might not be a leak, as many say that it was an advert that was promoted by Epic Games.

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Either way, it has lots of player excited for the upcoming Chapter, and ‘The End’ event.

The End Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 Live Event Date & Time - Teaser Trailer  Released - Fortnite Insider
Fortnite Insider

Chapter 3 trailer leaks

Before we go over the video, a spoiler warning is in effect.

If your still here, get ready for some exciting news.

The trailer shows Agent Jonesy in the ocean, watching the Fortnite Island flip upside down, which revealed a brand new map on the other side. The map flipping causes a tsunami which could just be a way into downtime before Chapter 3

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The new trailer caused lots of debating between fans. Some say that this marks the return of the beloved Chapter 1 map, while other fans don’t believe the leak is real.

We wont be sharing the leaked trailer for respect to Epic Games and for anyone who doesn’t want to see the trailer and spoil it. But if you want to see the trailer, it is not very hard to find.

If you want to avoid any spoilers about the new Chapter, stay away from social media until Chapter 3 released on December 7.

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