Halo Infinite’s multiplayer beta release has been amazing thus far. Within days, players were satisfied with how the fame felt, and even some Call of Duty pro players were getting jealous of Halo’s competitive scene.

Sadly it did not take long for hackers to get to Halo. Some players were showing their hacks on a Twitch live stream. Halo Infinite’s situation have many players worried, hopping it would not get as bad as Warzone.

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Unlike Warzone, it hasn’t taken very long for the Halo devs to tell everyone about their plans. One developer had promised “consistent improvements,” and another taken it a step further. The Creative lead Joseph Staten had got many fans excited by hinting that the anti-cheat could be on its way.

Halo Infinite anti-cheat coming?

As Halo tweeted that Staten promised that there were “more anti-cheat measures in the pipeline.” This was taken by the account to mean that an “anti-cheat is on the way.”

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This is very good news, especially in relation to Warzone concerns. Activision’s Warzone, took over 2 years to install anti-cheats to deal with the huge issues of hackers.

Halo Infinite's campaign will have 14 missions | Windows Central
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When RICOCHET was first announced with a kernal-level driver launching with the new map, it became the main piece of anticipation for most players.

Security analysts and players believe the anti-cheat is the only way to stop hackers, so having one is the gold standard for a game providing competitive scenes

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