The GTA Trilogy has received a huge update with the patch 1.03, which brought stability to performance and correcting host issues.

The patch helped stop some problems, but the game is still very far from perfection. A clip that has appeared on Reddit shows a massive issue that annoyed some San Andreas players.

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San Andreas problems continue

User StuntmanRich on Reddit shared a clip from GTA San Andreas where they went from Reddit user StuntmanRich shared a clip from San Andreas where they alternate between “Performance” and “Fidelity” graphical options, and both were stuttery.

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The post said “Does the Performance/Fidelity option make any difference? This is running on a PS4 Pro. Constant frame rate drops and pop in make it unplayable for me.”

In the comments of this post, other players shared their story’s that even after the patch 1.03, they are still experiencing problems.

One user said “I am also experiencing this on my PS4 pro. All three games are suffering from this for me after the update. The frame rate has always been an issue. The fixes to visual stuff is great but the frame rate needs to get fixed in all three games ASAP.”

That patch did seem to clean up some rough parts of the titles, but the performances are still not good enough for players.

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With Rockstar and Grove Street games working hard to fix the titles, hopefully these issues are foxed sooner than later.

Source(s) Dexerto, StuntmanRich

Image/Video Credit: StuntmanRich, IGN, Polygon

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