Some cosmetics in the world of Fortnite are crazy value in some players eyes. So much for some people, that they are willingly breaking Epic Games TOS and buying accounts with rare skins.

Being the owner of a rare cosmetic in Fortnite is like being rich in game. Seen in a recent viral TikTok, lobby’s of players would go crazy over the rare cosmetic.

The Reaper or Renegade Raider and or any other cosmetic from the early days of Chapter 1 are the most rare. One player however, received the rarest pickaxe in Fortnite on accident, which led to chaos.

TikToker obtains Axe of Champions by accident

fortnite axe of champions in game
Epic Games

For those of you who are not familiar, the Axe of Champions is Fortnite’s rarest cosmetic’s. That’s because there are only 21 of these axes in the game. Well, that was the case until Epic gave this axe to hundreds of players by accident.

Spacyss on TikTok was one of the players who got the fake Axe of Champions. The Axe was given to the 21 winners of Fortnite Champion Series, and Spacyss was not one of the winners. But since Epic goofed up, the rare axe was given for a short period of time.

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This video below is what happened once Spacyss came to the realization he got ahold of the rare axe. As any other player would, he equipped it and went to show it off in game. It didn’t take long for the lobby to swarm around him, thinking he was one of the 21 winners.

Spacyss ended the video by sating how bad and ugly the axe is and asking the viewer’s if he should refund it.

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A huge amount of the Fortnite community is obsessed with this rare cosmetic, so its no wonder this TikTok went viral.

Source(s) Dexerto, Spacyss

Image/Video Credit: Spacyss, ESTNN

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