For the past couple of years, the CoD legend Censor or known as Doug Martin has been very active in the Call of Duty League Challengers. He is still grinding CoD by playing Vanguard, and has also been very vocal in the scene.

With many pros trying to figure out what they are banning for the new upcoming season, Censor was trying to fight a war by trying to keep the Automatic tactical Sprint in the game. Now, he is starting battles against anyone who complains about the game.

In a certain tweet, Censor took aim at the whole community. He doesn’t want people to complain about the game that they all paid to play.

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Censor goes off on Call of Duty pros for complaining

In previous weeks, there has been a lot of un-happiness in the CoD scene. Some pros are saying they are going to switch to Halo for the competitive attention, while other just want Vanguard to be balanced.

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Now, Censor is just sick of it all saying “I’m about to unfollow everyone who cries about playing Call of Duty: Vanguard for their choice as a career.”

He hammered his point laughing at pros “complaining every day about playing a video game for a living.”

But to be honest, at this point made by fans of the game. Many think pros should be more positive towards the game because they get payed to play the game.

Parasite, who had committed to “rouge” during the offseason, wants Censor to know how important constructive criticism is.

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Or to put it in his own words, “stop being complacent with poor design decisions and pushing a fake narrative just because you benefit from it.”

While it is fair to say pros should be happy, it is also fair to say it’s ok to critique your passions. The whole community is anticipating Vanguard Season 1 hopping some concerns with be fixed.

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