Epic Games has taken many Fortnite players by surprise when they had announced there wont be a Chapter 2 Season 9 . Instead, the popular Battle Royal decided to go straight into Chapter 3 following the upcoming ‘The End’ event that is taking place on December 4, 2021.

While a new season means something new to be looking forward too, a new Chapter means bigger changes are in store. The jump from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 was huge, so this is definitely going to be exciting for many players.

As of right now, Epic has been keeping details on the new Chapter locked down, so everyone as of right now are going based on rumors and speculations. Here are the top 3 features that we need to see in Chapter 3 of Fortnite.

1. The ability to slide

A really fun feature is still missing from Fortnite after all these great years, and its the ability to be able to slide. It might seem like a super simple addition, but this is one thing many players have been waiting for.

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According to a reliable leaker HYPEX, Epic Games has been working on this slide feature but very quietly. Its unclear if this mechanic will be a bonus effect or an item, but either way its something that is long awaited and would be amazing to see it in Chapter 3.

2. More weird weapons

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Forever Fortnite

One thing that makes Fortnite different from other games like Apex and Warzone is they are not scared to show there cartoonish side. We have seen items such as the Snowy Flopper and Lightsabers that made the game ten times for fun.

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The loot pool in Season 8 of Chapter 2 is the the most balanced, it is still missing some fun. The game needs more fun and wacky gadgets like the Inflate-A-Bull, which is the most weird and fun item we have seen in Fortnite. So please keep making things weird in Chapter 3.

3. Spider Man Collab

Fortnite x Spiderman seemingly confirmed for Chapter 3 Season 1, reveals  new leak

Now that Naruto has made an appearance in Fortnite, the next huge collab that every player would love to see is Spider Man. Almost every big Marvel Superhero has made an appearance in Fortnite, from Black Widow to Wolverine, but Spider Man still remains unavailable.

It would make sense for it to happen now, given the new Spider Man: No Way Home movie is scheduled to hit theatre’s around the world in December. The launch of Chapter 3 would be great timing for the friendly neighborhood Spider Man to make an appearance in the Battle Pass.

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Regardless of what you think about Fortnite’s seemingly endless collaborations, getting Spider-Man to visit the Island would be a total win. While we patiently wait to see if that will happen, here’s everything we know about Fortnite Chapter 3 so far.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Fortnite’s endless amount of collabs, getting Spidey to visit the world of Fortnite would be a win for everyone.

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