Call of Duty and Halo are two franchises that will never escape each other. Since the beginning, they’ve been liked as the two best first-person shooter experiences, with both the games building a PC fanbase.

This old rivalry is still going to this day, and one viral video has re-ignited the flames one more time by making some very bold claims about Halo lacking when it comes down to being the best FPS in the store.

Viral video compares Halo and Call of Duty

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TikToker iamrobt broke down a list of things he thinks is wrong wit Halo Infinite, starting off at the lack of overpowered shotguns and exploits in the game.

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When he explains how this is a bad thing, Rob makes it a point that it would make the game harder that its closet competitors. “The lack of these has created something called a “skill gap”. So when I go up against players that are better than me, it’s nearly impossible to kill them.”

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Rob then goes to make a point that Halo’s lack of killstreaks with some visual clutter, and the decison to launch the game with a ranked modes, and with a bit of empty space where “wooden sticks that are stronger than every weapon in the game” should be.

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While he made the video is a sarcastic tone, there were players on both sides of his debate.

One user took a shot at some of the generation of older games that grew up playing games such as Halo “Boomers always got to protect their precious Halo because it’s falling out of relevancy.”

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Another user praised the lack of any issues with Halo: “Y’know a game is good when all you got to complain about is the battle pass and cosmetics.”

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