The GTA Online servers are filled with many people looking to ruin someones day. Armed with an armory of weapons and crazy cars, it could be hard to evade.

Thankfully, if you need to bail put of an aircraft, players have discovered a super valuable trick to survive.

With only a couple of steps, you are able to avoid taking damage after falling from a massive height.

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Screen Rant

Amazing GTA Online trick is a life saver

While many GTA Online action’s take place in the city of Los Santos, you will eventually find yourself airborne. If you are suddentl under attack from a player in a Oppressor, follow these very simple steps from the Reddit User u/aboodfromdiscord to save your life.

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  1. Acquire a parachute (available from Ammu-Nation)
  2. Travel to a high altitude in any aircraft or capable vehicle
  3. Get out of the vehicle and immediately deploy your parachute
  4. Aim and guide your character towards a body of water, then press triangle to enable ragdoll physics
  5. Upon hitting the water, using the ragdoll physics should allow you to survive the impact

Its still unclear if this unintentional feature will be patched soon, but for now, we recommend making the most out of this bug. GTA Online is set to receive a huge content update, with the return of DR.Dre and new business additions.

Source(s) Dexerto, aboodfromdiscord

Image/Video Credit: Screen Rant, abood alharby, Prima Games

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