The streaming star is know to mess around with some games other huge streamers would even bother looking at, and recently Summit has been playing the car racing game iRacing.

After his fas and other character from GTA RP called for a Chawa comeback, it was only a matter of time before he made his bug comeback.

On November 28, all the GTA RP fans got their wish.

After he promised some big changes for his return, his chat is well aware that this was going to be more less a unpredictable stream. Would he start off by robbing bank, or plot bigger and go for a heist, or maybe get into some racing.

Charles Johnson (Summit1G) Chang Gang Heist GTA V RP NoPixel - YouTube

Summits Return to GTA

Summit decided that being a good guy was going to be his role for that day. While he was standing next to his vehicle, his friend was suddenly and quickly under attack from a random guy with a baseball bat.

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The streamer had moved a bit closer to try to protect him saying “I got you. What’s up b**ch?” He tried to throw a punch at the attacker.

Just seconds later, his offensive style didn’t go to plan, as he was smacked once and dropped to the floor.

As Summit got knocked down to the floor, his fellow streamer popped them with a gun and threw Summit in the back of the car.

Seconds later, Summit walked off camera and things began to get worse.

The car flip

All of a sudden, the vehicle was flipped by the driver, leaving his ‘dead’ body laying in the back.

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After he asked what happened, the player responded: “The moral of the story is that it’s your fault for not being here…”

When Summit returns he asked the player what happened, and the player responded “The moral of the story is that it’s your fault for not being here…”

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Video/Image Credit: Summit1g, Dexerto

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