Jimmy Doladson, more known as MrBeast recreated the popular Netflix series Squid Game on his Youtube channel.

The video features 456 real life contestants competing in different challenges for a cash prize of $456,000. The contestants had small devices on them that pop when they are eliminated. While most viewers were impressed with this feature, some critics sat it took away from t he emotional resonance of the creator of the Netflix hit.

YouTuber Mr. Beast Makes Incredible Expensive Squid Game Recreation
Game Rant

Some critiques of MrBeasts popular video talk about some key frustrations expressed about some influencers: saying they don’t have original talent, rip off, “real” artists and produce non meaningful content. One creator was able to point out that the video has reached over 100 million views in just under 5 days. This video was a huge success for MrBeast as this is his 11th most popular video ever.

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MrBeats, who has reached a whopping 81 million subscribers on Youtube through his generosity by giving large sums of money away is no stranger to controversy. All the way back in 2018, he stirred up some conversation after Taylor Lorenz reported on his use of some homophobic slurs. Some of MrBeasts former employees accused him of making a toxic work environment all the way back in may.

“As a piece of media, it’s perverse,” a Vice review of the video said. “This doesn’t just badly misunderstand the anti-capitalist message of Squid Game, it’s a literal recreation of the villain’s ultimate desire to watch desperate people compete for money purely for his amusement.” 

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