Ludwig is one of the biggest names on Twitch an content creation in general. He has been involved in many things including Dreams five favorite streamers, and a “adult toy” discourse with Pokimane.

After dominating twitch, he is now moving on. On a November 29 announcement, Ludwig had revealed he will now be moving elusively to Youtube Gaming.

Ludwig leaves Twitch for Youtube Gaming

This star streamer had announced his big decision on Twitter in a fun fashion. In the video, he left a purple car for a red one, and finished it off mentioning he can play whatever music he likes in the new red vehicle.

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Ludwig made sure to let all his fans know exaclty when his first Youtube stream will be, and he said November 30, 2021.

Twitch streamer 'Ludwig' has been live for over two weeks

With more than over a million followers on Twitter and 3 million on Twitch, Ludwig is huge in the streaming industry.

As of right now, fans don’t know why he made the move to Youtube. But he was quickly welcomed by other fellow content creators on the platform, such as Valyrae and CouRageJD.

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For all of you wondering why Ludwig decided to change platforms despite his great success on Twitch, there is a very simple explanation. Just remember what his Twitter bio says: “Mogul moves.”

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