Call of Duty Vanguard has been a major success for this franchise since the release, with many player happy about the weapons, maps, and game modes.

With CoD Vanguard on the verge of the first season and integration with the Battle Royal Warzone, dataminers have uncovered details about the multiplayer. The newest leaks have discovered a variety of game modes that players could possibly be seeing real soon.

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For anyone that is unaware, Vanguard was created using the Modern Warfare engine. Many have enjoyed that aspect of Vanguard, especially as it will integrate with Warzone.

Dataminers have found a lot of Modern Warfare’s content is still within the game files.

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This is not any official, but it could possibly mean we could see some of that content in Vanguard in the future.

Vanguard Infected game mode leaks

Call of Duty leaker sebas4412 had just recently revealed some of the Modern Warfare content and actually managed to get it working within Vanguard. In a tweet he made on November 29, 2021, he said “lol like almost every MW mode has functionality in Vanguard, just got infected working.”

Its interesting they were able to get Infected working, as some other modes that were found such as “Skills” and “Tanks” were not playable. This could mean we will be seeing the Infected game mode in Vanguard later down the line.

As some players know, Black Ops Cold War had the infected mode, but it wasnt released until later in the launch.

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We will just have to wait around and see what happens, but we are sure there will be new game modes coming to Vanguard in the near future.

Source(s) Charlie Intel, sebas4412

Image Credit: IGN, The Sun

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