GTA Online and Los Santos have been in the middle of a lot of chaos throughout the years. Whether it would be flying submarines or cars randomly not working, there is never a boring day in GTA.

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Sending cars flying across the map is not a new glitch in the game, Rockstar has patches this glitch many times before, but were quick to fix it. Many of the players were mobbing back onto the game to relive their old glory days and send there cars back into the air one more time.

GTA Online car launching glitch

GTA Online glitch is making mechanics drop cars off miles away - Dexerto

The launch works by first getting in the car then getting it stuck between a set of hedges and a moving gate while doing a burnout. The house near the golf course in Richma provides the perfect amount of space needed to pull this glitch off.

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Once the car gets stuck into place, the car will start to wiggle back and forth before being launched into the sky while gaining a crazy amount speed.

While explaining how to start the launch, Pro_Kaur had a suggestion on how to make it easier for player to follow in their footsteps: “I recommend the pfister growler for this but the italy rsx work well too”

One Reddit user joked about the massive price tag on the vehicles that can fly in GTA Online: “Who needs to get a f***ing 3 million dollar flying bike when u can make any vehicle fly with a gate!”

Another comment had mentioned: “Man thank you now I know what to do with my afternoon”

Rockstar has previously removed bugs like this in the past, but if the rumors about the GTA Trilogy slowing down work with GTA Online are correct, this bug might be sticking around in game for awhile.

Source(s) Dexerto, Pro_Kaur

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