Just like NICKMERCS and Ninja, Tfue blew up on Twitch in the earlier Fortnite days, as Fortnite captivated millions across the world. Tfue’s hilarious commentary, mixed with his incredible gaming skills had thousands of people in his streams daily.

As it has been the case with many other huge Fortnite content creators, he moved away from the game towards the end of Chapter One.

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However, that could be set to change, after the former FaZe Clan star teased a return to the battle royale in late November.

However, we could see Tfue come back in Chapter 3 after the former FaZe Member teased his return in late November

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“Should I return to Fortnite for ‘THE END’?” he asked on Twitter. Obvously, his fans encouraged Tfue to hop back into the Battle Royal that made his Twitch name.

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Any details about Fortnite’s ‘The End’ are scarce, with the world shaking event that some Fortnite fans expect from Epic at the end of the season.

Its not the very first time this World Cup Competitor has hinted at his return to Fortnite. All the way back September, he said he would return to Fortnite only if they brought back the Grotto POI.

If he does make a comeback in Chapter 2, Season 8’s finale, it would take a lot for him to get back in love with Fortnite.

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