While most of Twitch’s biggest names dove into GTA RP at the very beginning of 2021, Summit1g has been a long time player in the roleplay community.

The huge amount for variety streamers who dipped there toes in GTA RP is what helped put some eyes on the game.

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In the past, Summit has committed himself to roleplay for a long period before finding a new game. That has happened again recently with iRacing as he hasn’t played NoPixel GTA RP on stream for a little bit. But that is soon changing.

Summit1G GTA V RP VOD Part 1, 31st March 2019 (w/chat) - YouTube

When Summit was ending his stream on November 27, he said he will be switching it up on stream and switching gears from iRacing.

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Instead of iRacing, he will be playing GTA RP before he hits the track on iRacing. “We’re actually going to be jumping back into GTA RP pretty soon here as the main shebang for like 4-5 hours of the day and swap over to racing after is what I’m thinking,” Summit stated.

“We’re not going to be doing the same stuff on GTA, we’re just going to be f**king around and hanging out with the boys, just really doing whatever you know.”

Summit might get back into the GTA racing scene in NoPixel, but plenty of his viewers will be happy to watch Summit get back into NoPixel

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