After GameStop had it’s Black Friday restock, there isn’t any more publicly known events that are going on today. But that still doesn’t mean that they will not be available. Many big companies wont announce the restocks of consoles and just let people fight over it online. If we do see a restock on the Xbox, it will likely happen today after 1 p.m. ET (10 a.m PT). If we sadly don’t see a restock today, we will most likely see the next restock on Cyber Monday in the afternoon.

If you want to know how to increase your odds of getting a brand new console, keep reading.

Why is the Xbox Series X/S so difficult to find?

The company Microsoft which makes the Xbox hasn’t been able to get ahold of the materials they need to make enough consoles to meet the demands. Just like the PC and Playstation 5 video cards, there’s a crazy chip shortage that is slowing there supply. Covid-19 has affected the production of this chip for many chip manufacturers, and watchers of the industry don’t expect this issue to be resolved until the end of the year.

As the result, Microsoft makes as many consoles as they can and distribute them among their retail partners. Each partner of Microsoft releases it in any way they seem feels appropriate. But for many of them it means announcing the restock ahead of time then releasing it online for people to fight for.

Where has the Xbox Series X/S been sold recently? has been keeping track of every console restock in the last couple of months, and this list here is were you will most likely be able to track down and find a console.

  • GameStop: Oct. 14
  • Amazon: Nov. 21
  • Walmart: Nov. 22
  • Best Buy: Nov. 18
  • Antonline: Nov. 23
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How can I improve my chances of getting an Xbox Series X?

It can be a little chaotic, constantly refreshing the screen and hoping to see a checkout link. And as many can attest, it’s pretty painful to punch in your payment information only to see that the purchase can’t be completed because all the consoles are already gone. Here are some of our tips:

  • Open multiple browsers: Got a laptop? A phone? Maybe a tablet? Use them all to try to make the purchase. Set yourself up ahead of time with multiple browsers open to the retail site of your choice and be ready to buy from all of them. 

Best ways of improving your chances of getting a Xbox Series X/S

Trying to get ahold of new consoles can be a chaotic, constantly having to refresh the screen praying to see the glorious checkout link. As many say, it is very painful to type in your payment information only to find that the product is out of stock. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Have and account signed-in and set-up: The amount of time it takes to enter your payment information and shipping details could be the difference of getting the console. Avoid the delay by setting up your account on the website you will use.
  • Don’t lose hope: Many of these retail stores release the consoles over a course of 30 minutes, to avoid boys buying out all the consoles and re-selling them at a price increase. So if you happen to see “Sold out”, keep refreshing your page because there is a huge chance that you still have a shot.
  • Make sure you have a email confirmation: There have been many incidents were the purchase gets “stuck” even though the website said your sale was completed. If you don’t get a confirmation email, don’t expect to get an xbox on your doorstep the next day. Make sure to keep and eye on your email to confirm you actually have an Xbox coming your way before celebrating.
  • Open more than one browser: If you can get ahold of a Phone, Laptop, and Ipad all at the same time that would be best. Try to use all your devices to make the purchase. Set yourself up with multiple browsers before the the drop by opening the retail store site and getting ready to buy.

Is it safe to buy and Xbox from a non official site?

Free Xbox Series X" SCAM AD - Scams -

There are some sites were you can safely buy an xbox. If you start looking on StockX or eBay, they have protections that are in place to keep you from spending your money and getting nothing in return.

But there are plenty of people just waiting to take advantage of everyone trying to buy and Xbox Series X/S. Here is how to point out a scam:

  • Only buy retail price: If a seller is offering an Xbox Series X for more of less than $500 or a Xbox Series S for more or less than $300 you should definitely stay away.
  • Stay far away from any Twitter links: If you see anything on Twitter about an Xbox Series X/S restock happening somewhere, your best option is to go to the retailer instead of clicking the link. Many of the Twitter link have turned out to be scams.

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