Halo Infinite is the first new game within the franchise since 2015 Halo 5, though it has received a much warmer welcome. The gameplay in this new fun and exciting Halo has hit a great balance between modern and tradition mechanics, which was a struggle for some of their previous releases. Therefore, it sets many players up for some killstreaks and impressive plays, which includes Killing Sprees.

It is definitely worth noting that the medals don’t actually currently have an affect on progression in Halo Infinite. As of now, one of the biggest points of contention fans have had about the multiplier are there’s no incentive to preform good, so its very pointless to put in any effort. But, 343 Industries has promised some changes to their progression system later down the line.

Halo Killing Spree Requirements

Halo Infinite Killing Spree: How many kills are needed? | GGRecon

Earning a Killing Spree in Halo is a pretty straightforward task. All players need to do is simply earn five kills in a row to get the medal to pop up on screen. Its a mark of the player being at the very least moderately skilled at the game’s multiplayer. Plus, any player that shuts down a Killing Spree will earn themselves a Kill Joy medal.

However, the very first Killing Spree medal is just a stop on a very long road. Players need to earn 7 other medals for Killing Sprees which caps at 40 kills in just one life. The full list of Killing Spree medals are:

  • Killing Spree – Earn 5 kills in one life.
  • Killing Frenzy – Earn 10 kills in one life.
  • Running Riot – Earn 15 kills in one life.
  • Rampage – Earn 20 kills in one life.
  • Nightmare – Earn 25 kills in one life.
  • Boogeyman – Earn 30 kills in one life.
  • Grim Reaper – Earn 35 kills in one life
  • Demon – Earn 40 kills in one life

How Obtain Killing Sprees in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite ranks – new ranking system explained | PCGamesN

While there is no hack or trick that Halo Infinite player can use to earn themselves Killing Sprees, there are som key pointers that players can keep in mind to help them survive for a longer period of time. The first trick is the most essential. The tip is to always be moving in gunfights, never stand still. Try to make some unpredictable movements against your opponent by moving left to right while firing, though make sure to keep landing your shots.

Next is try to focus on areas on the map with many angles, especially in any objective game modes. Sharp corners can be great place to get cover, and get the drop on enemies. It gives many players the edge they need to earn more kills and stay alive longer than usual.

The last tip is to keep your shield strength in mind during any engagement’s you have with enemies. Its easy to get distracted in battle and not notice your shield is running on empty. Never be afraid to back off any engagement when your shield is low, running behind corners, or some sort of obstacle to help regain shield. Try not to get pinned down, but let your shields recharge back to max before engaging again.

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