Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming to a close in just under 2 weeks. Since Chapter 2 is coming to a close, that means Chapter 3 of Fortnite is creeping up on us. Epic Games (The developers of Fortnite) have not said a single word about the new chapter (outside of sly teases) which means players have no idea what to expect for this new chapter. A recent leak has seemed to make known of a look at the map that Fortnite Chapter 3.

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According to a reddit user, Epic Games has been in the process of working on the map for Chapter 3 for quite some time. While an official look at the map hasn’t been leaked yet, this insider has heard multiple details about what this new locale will have in store. They have made a unoffical mockup of the Chapter 3 map. (See map below in tweet)

Based on the concept map, Fortnite seems like it will be different compared to the last 2 chapters in the game. This map mockup suggest that there will be many small island that surround the main island. Some of these small islands include Mossy March, Glossy Glacier, Monster Mansion, and Dusty Desert. If this map turns out to be accurate, there will be a variety throughout the map.

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But for now, the only thing players know about for sure is Chapter 3 is coming within the next weeks. Epic Games hasn’t revealed when Chapter 3 will start, but there is a solid chance the new chapter will start the following week.

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