Call of Duty’s latest release, CoD Vanguard, sent many fans back in time all the way to World War 2. Despite the huge jump back in time, Sledgehammer Games new release added plenty of new features to their franchise.

With the new and fun game mode in Patrol, a post match MVP voting system, and way better gun customization, CoD Vanguard has added a good amount of new content to keep CoD new and fresh.

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Despite the new features, CoD’s community is missing one game mode from Sledgehammer, and are begging for WW2 back and forth War Mode to come back.

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CoD Vanguard fans request War Mode to come back

Many players voiced there opinions for WW2’s War Mode to make a comeback in the Vanguard subreddit. This objective game mode was first introduced in CoD WW2 but has been forgotten from the franchise ever since.

“War [Mode] needs to be brought back.” one user said, looking back at the game affection. “The addition of War [in WW2] was fantastic. I played it to death and am desperate for it to return.”

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“What do we think [are] the chances of it coming back?” they all seemed to wonder.

“War was amazing,” second user added. “I really loved this mode,” said another, before identifying “Not only for how fun it was to drop in for a few matches where objective play prioritized, but because it highlighted actual turning points in WW2 and felt nostalgic.”

In spite of support for this idea, some other fans were very doubtful that War Mode would ever make a return. “Considering how much work that mode was, according to SHG, I’d say [there’s] zero [chance it returns].”

“A shame too, as it was the best mode ever, in my opinion,” they stated.

While a huge amount of players want to see War Mode come back, it still remains to be seen. But with plenty of updates in the future, War Mode could possibly make a comeback at some point in the future.

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