After Verdansk was nuked to help finally end the zombie outbreak all the way back in April, Warzone’s map had traveled 41 years back in time to the 1980’s. Thus bringing new POI’s and getting rid of existing ones.

One big change that many players were happy to see was the Old Mines opening back up again. As Warzone Pacific’s Caldera map is quickly approaching, players had given up any hope of seeing it happen. However, Raven Software is running multiple events to help mark the end of the Verdansk map. The most recent event was the Secret’s of the Pacific, which opened the mines again.

Here is where you will be able to find these new shaft areas and what will be inside of them.

Warzone Mine Location’s

Warzone's Old Mines finally open: What's inside & locations - Charlie INTEL
Charlie Intel

The only mines that are available are in Secrets of the Pacific are the Old Mines south of the Summit. You are able to find them below mining shacks on the hill northeast of the airport, which you will find several entrances.

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However, there is another set of mines towards the north end of Salt Mine, but unfortunately they haven’t opened up for this event. As we are fast approaching Caldera on December 8th, its very unlikely that these mines were ever intended of being opened. But, players will need to wait and see how Verdansk’s final days play out.

What’s inside Warzone’s Old Mine?

CoD Warzone: Secrets of the Pacific locations | VG247

The Old Mines contain everything you would expect, such as floor loot, chests, and even Secrets of the Pacific Intel.

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If players head to the zip-line towards the west side, it will take you down to the mines. After your in the mines, you’ll find a box of dynamite right at the bottom. Interact with the box and you will then collect the intel. After that you need to hold onto it for a specified amount of circle closings.

If you survive with this intel, youll unlock the Familiar Machinery Spray. Do the same for all six pieces of Intel and you’ll unlock the Bomber Menace STG44 Blueprint.

Source(s) Charlie Intel, VG247

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