The GTA Trilogy has not had an ideal launch. With many game breaking bugs, terrible character models, and just other issues, the game has been criticized by fans, and many wanting refunds.

During all the controversy around the release of the Trilogy, there have been a number of hints discovered throughout the three games that may hint GTA 6 is coming sooner than many fans think.


Below are three teases that Rockstar might have had Grove Street Games add to the GTA Trilogy to hype up any fans waiting for GTA 6.

The logo mess up could go either way, this could either be a clue or a huge mistake that Grove Street Games made.

In Vice City, on the map there is a pool that is in the shape of Rockstars logo which seems to be extremely off. On the minimap, it shows the pool having six points which is one more than the five is suppose to have.

Pointed out by Youtuber Strange Man, the pool doesn’t show up on the map in the original copy of the game, which is suggesting Rockstar wanted some players to take notice.

GTA San Andreas: GTA 6 screenshot?
GTA 6 screenshot
Rockstar Games

The Lil’ Probe’Inn in San Andreas features some updated UFO photos from GTA V and Red Dead Redemption, but one picture has players talking.

On the wall of photos that feature the UFO’s in the sky above many iconic in game locations, there was a house found that wasn’t from a game that Rockstar ever released, which are leading many fans to think this could be from GTA 6.

Surprisingly fans were able to determine that this was a house in Miami and was ablt to link it to a real world location.

GTA 3: The Miami billboard change

One of the biggest changes to GTA 3 comes in the form of a billboard which was originally teasered in Vice City way back when the game came out.

In the original, Francis International Airport said “See you in Miami,” but the Trilogy Edition, it had been changed too “See you soon”, with a picture of a airplane flying away from SA.


There are a few ways to think about this. The first is it might reference to the GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced and players returning to San Andreas. The second is the plane flying away from San Andreas could symbolize Rockstar finally moving away from GTA 5.

As these games continue to update and more areas get explored, its very likley more GTA 6 teases will be found.

Source(s) Dexerto, Strange Man, Rockstar Games

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