Catherine Paiz hits back at rumors of foreclosure on $7 million ACE Family home

Dexerto says Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz have become a hot topic of conversation across social media throughout the month of July due to a series of documents that leaked online, which claimed they were being evicted from their home due to missed payments.

That’s not all; a number of purported lawsuits against the couple also emerged during this time, with various social media outlets claiming that several companies were taking legal action against them — including businesses like a construction equipment rental service, a social media aggregator and even their former landlord.

However, Austin McBroom denied the rumors in a pointed Instagram story shortly thereafter, arguing, “Ain’t nobody getting evicted, ain’t nobody moving. Stop believing everything you hear haters say on the internet!”

Tweet by Def Noodles showcasting documents that allege the Ace Family are losing their home
Twitter, Defnoodles

It’s taken a while longer for wife Catherine Paiz to speak out on this tweet, who, on July 19, reacted to the rumors in response to a fan comment on her Instagram.

Austin McBroom responds to eviction rumors
Instagram: austinmcbroom

Austin McBroom hit back at rumors claiming the ACE Family were being evicted from their home in a pointed Instagram stories post.

The fans asked: “How do you feel about your house being foreclosed rumor?”


“It’s been such a blessing,” Paiz replied. “All the false narratives and untrue rumors have been a blessing in disguise. They made me appreciate how blessed I am and get closer to God. I feel so alive!”

Catherine Paiz Instagram story eviction
Instagram: Catherine Paiz, Defnoodles

Dexerto also says “It seems the ACE Family are sticking to their guns when it comes to the many rumors surrounding them at the moment — but that doesn’t seem to be stopping the outrage against Austin McBroom for purportedly not paying talent involved in the Battle of the Platforms boxing event.

According to TikToker Bryce Hall, legal talks are taking place between Social Gloves and the aforementioned influencer-boxers. With a decision yet to be publicly announced, it looks like fans will remain waiting for the ACE Family to speak out as rumors continue to swirl.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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