Dexerto says “Danielle first appeared in the public eye when she was 13-years-old back in 2016, when she went on the Dr. Phil show. She quickly rose to viral fame thanks to her attitude and memorable quotes, with clips of the teen spreading across social media.

As a result of her appearance on the show, she got sent to the Turn-About Ranch in Escalante, Utah. However, in the years following she has gone on to claim there’s a dark truth behind the ranch’s image, making a series of videos calling out Dr. Phil and his team for sending her and other kids there.

Now, the viral sensation-turned rapper has hit back at trolls on social media who claim she deserves the hate she gets as a result of putting her life online. “

Dr Phil next to Bhad Bhabie
YouTube: Dr. Phil / Bhad Bhabie

“A thing I think y’all should know about me is I did not choose to put my life on the internet,” she explained, “so for those saying, ‘oh well you chose this lifestyle, you chose to put your business on there, that’s what comes with being famous. I didn’t choose to be famous”


“What happened was I became a meme, and instead of making my life a joke, I decided to do something good, and be successful. It’s that simple. I did not ask for this, so stop getting it twisted.”

She clearly stressed that she’s more annoyed by all the “lies” than the “hate,” and added in a text story: “Y’all ppl who ain’t famous would be mad asf if millions of ppl perceived you as something you’re 100% not.”

Danielle went to also say: “This is my life and I’m only 18, my life has just begun, I’ve been dealing with this sh*t since I was 13.” Many ended up agreeing with this star, also writing that ‘she does have a point.’

Source(s) Dexerto

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