GTA 6 full map potentially leaked with Vice City locations and activities

Rockstar has been extremely silent on details regarding the highly-anticipated continuation to there Grand Theft Auto series, only providing little tidbits of hints since the release of GTA 5.

Now, only two weeks after the very popular leaker Tom Henderson revealed the game would likely only be released all the way in 2025, footage claiming to be from GTA 6 has made its way onto the internet, revealing the entire in-game map.

Originally posted on GTA Forums, the since-deleted video was reuploaded to other websites where it’s been analyzed to death by members of the community.

The video is strictly of the map menu screen, showcasing Vice City and numerous other activities and shops available to players with in-game markers as well as districts.


Some of the activities available, if the leak is believed, include playing basketball, bowling (probably not with cousins), a fishing tournament, sea and street races, movie theatres, and strip clubs.

As far as shops and any services go, there are some that suggest there will be a huge deal of character customization’s such as barber shops, gyms, and plastic surgeons.


Even drug stores will be available, indicating that in-game health could be a component in the game.


Missions and more story-related elements were sadly not shown in this leak, but locations such as downtown Vice City, Vice Gardens, Kraff Way and Quincy World.

Interestingly, a 2018 leak that claimed to reveal the radio stations in GTA 6 listed “Fred Quincy’s’ World Resort Radio” as one players could tune into.

Leaked GTA 6 mapThe leaked map reveals players can go to strip clubs, play basketball, and more.

Dexerto says “As for the leak’s legitimacy, that is completely up for debate. Many fans have dismissed it completely. “All he did was draw a map that looks half-finished, import it into the GTA 5 HUD, and then film it,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

Others, however, have some hope but noted the shaky camera isn’t a good sign. “I gotta say this does look kind of legit, but the overall HUD design seems old-fashioned and more out of the 2000’s rather than the 2020’s, it doesn’t really fit. And here again: shaky hand syndrome,” another remarked.”


In any case, Rockstar has not yet to comment on the leak and it’s pretty doubtful they will. GTA V Expanded and Enhanced is still releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles later this year, so it’s very unlikely we get any more GTA 6 news from them until the port is released.

“Hopefully, we get some major news before 2021 is done, but if some recent reports are correct, we could still be waiting a long time before we get our hands on GTA 6. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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