Dexerto says “In recent days, MuTeX has become the center of hacking accusations. He denied those allegations about Cronus Zen usage and hack software, but decided to take things a step further.

A former CoD pro, MuTeX already uses a hand cam to show how he plays claw. But, with more hacking concerns rising, he opted for extra proof. In what may seem like overkill to some people, MuTeX has now set up five different cameras during his gameplay.

With all of these different angles, people can see that he’s not using a Cronus, doesn’t have hacks on his monitor, and doesn’t have hacks on his second monitor. The streamer has essentially covered all bases by covering his room in surveillance hardware.”

As many of you can see in the clip, this man known as MuMu is now in his very own Orwellian surveillance state. He’s tired of hacking accusations and committed to singing about them while disproving them all.


There are many different ways to check if people are hacking in the game Warzone, but there are numerous ways to hide all the cheats as well. Perhaps many notorious example of a hacker being caught was when Tommey caught a cheater live during a tournament.

In that incident, Tommey asked his suspect for a monitor cam check: “Without touching anything Pace, flip your cam on your screen real quick.” The resistance to doing so was taken as proof that Pacesetter was cheating and the player hasn’t played in a tournament ever since.

MuMu, unlike Pace, has not only wilfully shown his monitor cam beforw — he’s added four other cams as well. At the moment, it still remains unclear if this is enough to satisfy accusers, but they’ve now begun getting trolled by the entire Twitter world as well.


For the sake of the environment, one can only hope that MuTeX is allowed to stop using all five different cameras. For the sake of the Warzone community, hopefully people don’t start taking the Google Glasses accusations seriously next.

Source(s) Dexerto

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