Corinna Kopf slams Adin Ross “toxic” fanbase and explains why they don’t talk anymore

Adin was initially accused of “scamming” his huge fanbase into thinking he was dating a YouTube star Corinna Kopf. This came after a well-publicized breakup with influencer Stacey Gold.

Dexerto says “After weeks of teasing fans, the rumor mill went into overdrive as Adin kissed Corinna on a February 21 livestream. The pair became the hottest potential couple on the internet, neither party confirming or denying.

Adin gained almost 76,000 Twitter followers from the scandal, while fans speculated whether the entire stunt was for “clout.”

Adin Ross and Corinna Kopf
Twitch: adinross

Corinna regrets going public with Adin

On June 6, Corinna actually did clarified on the Impaulsive podcast that “I haven’t associated with (Adin) for three months.” She also mentioned that she isn’t currently dating anyone.

The YouTuber did admitted she regrets “going public” with Adin due to the huge volume of negative comments she’s had received online. “I still consistently get comments on every one of my f**king tweets,” she said. “I don’t wanna go on there.”


Corinna had claimed that these replies often tried to “ratio” (gain a significantly greater amount of likes) on her tweets. She also said she’s been labeled many times a “jobless freak” and “cringe” by many of Adin’s fans.

Topic begins at 35:45


Adin’s “toxic” fanbase was discussed

Impaulsives co-host Mike Majlak commented on the childish nature of the comments. “99% of the negative feedback you see (online) is (written by) 16 and unders,” he said. “They just sit there and write f**ked up sh*t.”

Corinna had disagreed, stating “I wasn’t a little a**hole at 14.” She went on to say Adin “has the worst, most toxic fanbase on the internet.”


While she acknowledged her statement was “bold,” Corinna insisted its all love between the two. “That’s no hate to Adin,” she said.

Corinna Kopf YouTube

Fans took Corinna’s side

Many fans jumped to Corinna’s defense after her podcast interview.

“Her soft side gets ignored most of the time,” one wrote. “She’s mature AF.” “I love how self-aware she is,” wrote another.

Corinna recently made headlines after revealing how much she’s earning as a content creator. Adin regularly streams to his 4.4 million Twitch followers.

Source(s) Dexerto

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