Dexerto says “The Dirt Bike wasn’t the most highly anticipated addition to Warzone in Season 4. People were a lot more excited about all of the weapon changes and additions than they were about a weak vehicle being transferred from Black Ops Cold War.

But it’s safe to say that the Dirt Bike is starting to grow on people. It can’t take much damage and it can’t carry a lot of teammates, but the thing is fast as lightning and, while hard to control, can pull off some nasty maneuvers.

First, some player used the Dirt Bike for possibly the greatest highlight in Warzone history: a mid-air Crossbow kill after driving off of a satellite dish. Now, players are figuring out that you can somehow pop wheelies with the little hog.”

Yes, simply any excuse to watch that play again will be acted upon so it had to be embedded in here.

But back onto the news: wheelies. They’re not an intended thing and they seem pretty hard to hold and or sustain, but what matters is that it is indeed possible in Warzone.


As the Redditor ‘kratermakerr’ shows, if someone drives the Dirt Bike into a properly angled structure, then you will be able to pull off a wheelie for a period of time. And it is absolutely as glorious as it sounds.

In this clip, you will see kratermakerr’s teammate, in a moment of terror, accidentally drive into a tree. What happens next will make Travis Pastrana very proud, as the teammate drives into a clean wheelie for several seconds.


“Of course, the terror of being shot at and sudden verticality proves too much to handle and this teammate understandably rides into the deathly gas. But what matters is that Warzone players now know that Dirt Bike wheelies are officially Warzone canon.

Source(s) Dexerto

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