How to open Fortnite Cosmic Chests

Dexerto says “Bunker chests were introduced into the game back in Fornite Season 6, giving players a new lootable chest type to find around the map. With Cosmic Chests, however, it seems as if players will need to work together to open them!”

Cosmic Chest from Fortnite
Epic Games

How to open Cosmic Chests

This new chest type builds on the existing chests already in the game, and can only be found in Duos, Squads, & Trios. Cosmic chests also only activated when the whole team is nearby.

Opening a Cosmic Chest is relatively easy to do, but it can take a little bit of time:

  1. Find a Cosmic Chest with your team members in tow.
  2. Once there, beams of light will attach themselves to one or more members of your party.
  3. Any player with the beam of light will need to attack one of the markers on the crystal.
  4. Rinse and repeat until the chest breaks open!

Gameplay of Cosmic Chests

“It’s easy to see why opening the Cosmic Chests requires teamwork, too. As indicated by leaker HPEX’s gameplay with both Fortnite News and Shiina, it seems as if hacking away at the chest can knock you back as you attempt to crack it open if you don’t follow the above instructions correctly.”

These chests are not the easiest to open, either. From the above clip, it looks as it takes HYPEX and their team close to a minute to finally destroy the crystal around it, though this depends on how quickly your team reacts to the beams of light.

Cosmic Chest contents

Finding one of these chests and successfully opening it will give you some awesome great rewards in return, like Alien Artifacts, which can be used to customize your personal Kymera skin.

The chests also drop items such as Legendary guns and other common items such as shield potions and building resources.

Source(s) Dexerto

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