Dexerto says “Since returning to Twitch from Mixer, Shroud has dabbled in all sorts of different games including Warzone, Apex Legends, and Valorant. He’s even partaken in a few IRL streams as well, where he and his pals have played board games on stream in front of thousands of fans.

With Blizzard finally releasing The Burning Crusade expansion for World of Warcraft Classic, Shroud been grinding away at that. While some fans are happy to watch him play whatever, there are others that will find someone else to watch in the meantime.”

Shroud Twitch Streaming Tips
Twitch: Shroud

As a result, it prompted one fan to ask Shroud during the June 7th stream if he has any worries about some games being too boring and too slow for his viewers, which might make them turn off the stream, seeing as he’s not playing the trendy games that some would expect.


“No, I’m kind of at the point of my career where like the grind, so to speak, isn’t as important as it once was,” the former Counter-Strike pro said.

“So, I don’t need to just like hustle, hustle, hustle, play the games that everyone wants to see always, always, always. I don’t need to do that anymore. I feel like I’m kind of past that, you know?”

The star further noted that if he wasn’t past that point, he’d be playing Warzone just like anybody else is but everyone gets sick of sticking with the most popular choice before long.

“If I wasn’t past the point of what everyone wants to see for all the views and hype and all that, I’d be playing Warzone, every second of my f**king life like everybody else is,” he added. “And you know that they’re not having that good of a time!”

Dexerto says “The most loyal viewers are always going to stick around regardless, because its the streamer who brings the fun, not the game.

As we’ve seen with WoW before, anyway, streamers grind it for a few weeks and then move on to something else, so it might be long before Shroud is back to popping heads in Valorant or Apex Legends.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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