Dexerto says “While Fortnite’s previous update gave us Primal biomes, the latest Season 7 patch has taken players to the stars with its new sci-fi twist. This means a number of futuristic weapons have been added to the battle royale. From rifles that shoot deadly lasers to grenade launchers that reveal targets and chests. There’s certainly a lot of weapons that you can use to obliterate your foes.

Whether you’re looking to find out what every Season 7 alien weapon does or just wish to know what they look like, we have you covered. While not every sci-fi-themed addition will replace your favorite weapons, they can give you a huge edge in future fights to come. Without further ado, here’s every alien weapon in the game’s Season 7 update.”

Fortnite Kymera Ray Gun

Kymera Ray Gun
Epic Games

The Kymera Ray Gun doesn’t shoot regular old bullets. No, this lethal weapon fires a continuous beam of energy’s that can melt through both structures and enemy’s. While it may only deal 9 damage per tick, it can quickly rack up if you maintain your accuracy on the target.

But be careful when using this Ray Gun as the laser can give away your position to nearby players. 

Fortnite Recon Scanner Launcher

Recon Launcher
Epic Games

While the Recon Scanner Launcher may look like a regular grenade launcher, this gun does more than just really high amounts of damage. As the name suggests, the Recon Launcher actually can reveal nearby targets and chests.

This is extremely useful in squad play when you wish to provide your team with lots of information on the enemy teams that lurk around the map. 

Fortnite Rail Gun Rifle

Rail Gun
Epic Games

“The Rail Gun Rifle is a high-tech weapon that can be charged up to fire a single powerful shot, which can melt through walls and hit players hiding behind them. It only has one shot per magazine, so you need to make it count when going for those cross-map plays.

Dealing 85 damage to enemy players is certainly something not to scoff at. “

Fortnite Pulse Rifle

Pulse Rifle
Epic Games

“The Fortnite Pulse Rifle may look like a generic sci-fi assault rifle, but it comes with an interesting mechanic. When hip-fired the Pulse Rifle is fully automatic, but when you ADS, the rifle features much slower shots.

Not only does this give you the precision needed to claim those all-important headshots, but it also makes it extremely versatile in most situations. “

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