GTA RP streamer trolls NoPixel server with evil Sykkuno character

Dexerto says “Sykkuno’s GTA RP character, Yuno, is one of the most recognizable figures in the game. His kindness and charisma quickly captured the attention of both the server’s police officers and various local gangs. Yuno’s upbeat personality ensured that both parties always got on well with one another, but since leaving the server, strange things have started to occur.  While Sykkuno officially left GTA RP to pursue an adventure in the blocky world of Minecraft, a character with his likeness has been busy causing trouble. Unlike Yuno’s kindhearted attitude, this impostor is known for causing mayhem and mischief. Not only has this created a lot of confusion on the GTA RP server, but it has also led to the creation of some hilarious clips.”

Yuno impostor spotted in GTA RP

Rockstar Games

NoYu looks and sounds almost like Sykkuno’s beloved character, Yuno. While the imposter also has the same cheerfulness to his voice, he is far from this kindhearted character viewers are used to seeing. The person that is behind NoYu is GTA RP Twitch Streamer Burn, who is known for recreating various internet personalities in game. 


Burn famously put Dr Disrespect to the server, where he impressed fans with impersonations of the two-time champion.  But, the streamer has recently turned his focus to Sykkuno’s beloved character, Yuno. “My name’s NoYu, go f**k yourself. See you later,” said Burn as he jogged down the dark street. 

Burn continued practicing his Yuno impersonation stating: “Hope you have a terrible night, hope your life is full of nightmares and misery. I’m glad your parents are dead, and you’ll be soon if you keep talking to me like that, you little f***er.” 

However, it was when NoYu saw a group of players that things took a hilarious turn. Believing that Sykkuno was doing one last tour of the city, other GTA roleplayers began to interact with NoYu. After being told that he was the best talker in the city, NoYu simply replied with a cheerful “Go f**k yourself” before running away in laughter. 

Source(s) Dexerto

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