As Fortnite Season 6 comes to a close, players will definitely be looking for any new chances to earn some extra XP to level up their Battle Pass and unlock any final cosmetics and skins they’re missing.

Fortunately for us, Epic Games is introducing a whole new line of challenges which they like to name it the Foreshadowing Quests. As well as offering 24,000 XP each when completed, they also appear to hint towards a potential alien invasion in Season 7.

One of the first Foreshadowing Quests players will need to complete is to Investigate a Downed Black Helicopter, and we have the location you need to visit right here with this map, you’ll be able to finish it in no time!

Fortnite Downed Black Helicopter location

Fortnite Downed Black Helicopter Location
Epic Games

You will find the Downed Black Helicopter by one of the Guardian Towers on the south side of the mop, northwest of Misty Meadows and Lazy Lake.


Head towards the area of land just above the Guardian Tower, and keep an eye out for an area of the ground that’ has a ditch in it. This is where the Downed Black Helicopter will be. Simply just interact to complete the challenge.

With that one in the bag, you’ll have earned yourself a whopping 24,000 XP and able to progress onto the next set of Foreshadowing Quests once they go live at a future date.

Source(s) Dexerto

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