How to get the new Recycler (Junk Gun) in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games have added a brand new weapon called the Recycler aka the ‘Junk Gun’ to Fortnite Season 6, and if the name never gave it away already, the whole thing is made from rubbish.


Dexerto says “When the mid-season v16.10 update arrived for the battle royale title on March 30, 2021, it brought with it a boatload of fresh content to the Island, including raptors and new soccer player NPCs teasing the arrival of Neymar Jr. soon. Fortnite leakers also found the existence of a new weapon called the Recycler in the update files, although it couldn’t be found in the game. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, the gun has gone live, meaning you can find it in-game.”

It’s made from garbage, it’s called the Recycler, and it brings with it a new ammo type.

Epic Games

Where to get the Recycler in Fortnite

As of April 6, 2021, players started to began to notice that the Recycler gun was appearing on the Island, and fortunately, getting your hands on the new weapon is very easy.

Unlike all the Exotic weapons that need to be purchased from specific NPCs with Gold Bars or the Primal weapons that require crafting, the Recycler can simply be found as floor loot or in chests.

The official description of the Recycler gun in Fortnite reads, “Harvest objects for Ammo, spit out densely packed projectiles of junk! Watch out for the Shrapnel!”

SO for people trying to find this new weapons, you wont half to look long and hard. Drop a comment and let us know if this gun could be the next meta in the game.

Source(s) Dexerto

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