Lil Nas X, embroiled in the spice of drama over his latest hit, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” might be moving on to greener, virtual pastures — as he’s asking about virtual concerts in GTA Online.

Dexerto says “Grand Theft Auto Online has taken over Twitch recently, as the NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP (roleplay) server has enabled a wide variety of content for renowned streamers and celebrities alike. Meanwhile, Lil Nas X has taken over social media, as “Montero” spices up Twitter timelines and internet feeds.


And now, there seems to be a way for those two worlds to collide, with a recent tweet from Lil Nas X suggesting interest in a virtual concert in the GTA RP universe. This would likely follow in the footsteps of virtual concerts that have taken place in other games over the past year or so.”

Around April 2020, Travis Scott preformed virtual=for his “ASTROWORLD” tour in Fortnite which made history. And, even more relevantly, Lil Nas X  performed a virtual Roblox concert back in November 2020. While such a show hasn’t been done yet on NoPixel’s GTA Online server, the path to one seems reasonable.

The king of Twitter, Lil Nas X boasts over 6 million followers on the platform. So when he sends out a five-word “GTA should do virtual concerts” tweet, it holds weight — enough to drive speculation almost immediately.

“With celebrities like NBA legend LeBron James and cultural icon Travis Scott trying to get in on NoPixel 3.0, it’s easy to draw a line between Lil Nas X’s tweet and the RP server. The biggest stars do deserve the biggest platforms, after all.”

Lil Nas X concert on the NoPixel GTA Online RP server?

“HasanAbi posted a simple reply to Lil Nas X, telling the musician to “pull up.” And, as viewers of his stream that day report, he also reached out to the iconoclast over DM (Twitter Direct Message) as well. “

Source(s) Dexerto

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