A GTA Online player may have found the perfect way to counter Oppressor MK2 griefers and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Dexerto says “No one likes getting griefed in GTA Online, especially if it’s by players who are piloting an Oppressor MK2. As the vehicle features four rocket launchers, it makes it easy for griefers to roam around Los Santos looking for vulnerable targets to take out. As the Oppressor is a flying vehicle, it can be hard for players using standard cars to take them out. However, one GTA Online player has proven it’s not impossible and may have figured out the perfect counter.”

Oppressor MK2
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GTA Online player finds perfect counter for Oppressor MK2 griefers

A thread posted on the GTA Online subreddit shows a player taking out an Oppressor MK2 griefer has earned over 12,000 upvotes. While driving around Los Santos, Rad_Sh1ba realized they were being pursued by a player in an Oppressor.

“Although most players would have attempted to make a getaway, Rad_Sh1ba was prepared for this moment and knew exactly what to do. After the player in the Oppressor got a little too close, Rad_Sh1ba threw a C4 into the air and triggered the explosive.”

The throwable blew up the Oppressor and the player inside, allowing Rad_Sh1ba to carry on with their play session without a risk of being killed. However, before they left, Rad_Sh1ba didn’t forget to play the clown horn, making for a hilarious conclusion to the clip.

This is definitely a strategy that GTA Online players should take note of and attempt to replicate. It certainly gets the job done and will make griefers think twice before attempting to shoot you with missiles.

Source(s) Dexerto

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