YouTuber JGOD shows how “broken” cameras give Warzone players massive advantage

JGOD knows just about everything there is to know about Call of Duty and Warzone, and now he’s gone in depth on how movement can exploit cameras and trick enemies in the game.

Dexerto says “For as long as Call of Duty, or FPS’ in general, have been around, there have been issues with cameras and the difference between what two players in a gunfight are actually seeing.You might have heard of “peeker’s advantage” before through other FPS games as well as Call of Duty, where players who peak their opponent first have a better chance of securing the gunfight.As it turns out, Warzone has its own issue with camera synchronization and overpowered movement. If you ever thought you died round a corner or the enemy simply “wasn’t there,” JGOD has shown that you’re not losing your mind.”

Nuketown gulag in Warzone

On his March 21 YouTube upload, JGOD looked at an issue with ping, advanced movement mechanics and ‘camera desync,’ all of which together can result

Using footage from the TD $50k Warzone custom lobby that featured many of the top streamers and players, JGOD provided multiple examples on why cameras are holding people back.


“On the player’s screen, it doesn’t match up with what the enemy player sees, so it creates a huge desync,” JGOD says, while watching footage of Aydan vs Speros in the Gulag. “Advanced movement, and movement in general, can be your best friend, and it generally favors the aggressor.”

Timestamp 1:29

“He also shows an example with Jukeyz, who is on much higher ping, but still gets the advantage as he jumps out at an enemy from around a corner.”

This issue is not just limited to warzone. JGOD shows, this is evident in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer too, proving it’s an issue across Call of Duty in general rather than just one game.

Source(s) Dexerto, JGod

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