Fortnite players slam Epic as major Storm bug makes them lose matches

A new bug in Fortnite is making it pretty much impossible for console players to see in the Storm, costing them wins and causing a lot of frustration.

Dexerto says “Fortnite Season 6 has received almost universal praise from players. Features like tameable animals, new locations on the map, and the long-awaited weapon crafting system, in particular, seem to have gone down very well.But as with any new season update, there are bugs to be found. The biggest one at the moment concerns the Storm, as some console players are struggling to see anything when they’re inside of it – and it’s often costing them the game.”

Fortnite The Storm loading screen
Epic Games

Fortnite players can’t see in the Storm

As fans of Fortnite already know, the Storm will constantly shrink throughout a match, and getting stuck in it will cause your health to slowly drain. So naturally, if that happens, the aim is to get out of it as fast as possible.

“But a bug that arrived with the Season 6 update is making that quite difficult, as many players are now discovering that they can’t see anything when they’re inside the Storm, which is having a significant impact on the game.”


As well as not being able to see were you are going in the storm, it is hard to see enemies in the storm, both of these issues are leading to players dying early and costing them wins.

There is a temporary work around on PC were players would turn there performance mode on, but this actually removes the Storm effect almost entirely, leaving them at a significant advantage over console players who don’t have Performance Mode

“A post on the Fortnite subreddit from EzBugatti99 shows a visibility comparison between Performance Mode being switched on or off. It’s got almost 10k upvotes and hundreds of comments from people experiencing the same problem.”

“This desperately needs to be fixed. It’s impossible to see in the Storm if you aren’t on PC,” said one player, while another explained, “I got a kid down to like 15hp the other day, but we were in the Storm so we both ended up dying because we couldn’t see each other.”

Some players used this post to argue that console crossplay should not include PC, with one Reddit user writing that the bug is “further proof that crossplay with PC benefits no one besides PC players” and another adding, “Oh wow, Epic once again catering to PC players. I’m shocked.”

The official Fortnite Trello board currently lists the issue as ‘investigating’ so it’s unclear when a patch for the bug will arrive. Based on previous bug fixes, though, there could be a while to wait.

Source(s) Dexerto

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