Are Warzone hackers now able to instantly end matches?

Hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone have always been an issue, but a new issue has players concerned that these cheaters have the power to end games whenever they want. 

Dexerto says “Anyone who has taken a remote interest in Call of Duty: Warzone since its 2020 launch will know of the game’s major problems with hackers. It is perhaps a symptom of cross-platform play, but many players from all platforms have been affected by the issues.Back at the start of February, 60,000 accounts were banned by Activision for cheating, but it appears to have hardly scratched the surface of the game’s issues with hackers. Many players have even reported that there are more hackers in their Warzone matches than before, despite the game being more than a year old.”

Warzone characters top of a building
Infinity Ward

Warzone hackers to blame?

The cheats players use can vary massively, but wall-hacking and aim-botting are both incredibly common in any mathc in warzone. If this bug is actually the malicious work of hackers, it could be even more serious.

The exploit was captured by an NRG content creator JoeWo, who wasn’t able to land before the match ended. He was then thrown into a Final Killcam, before the game ended completely.

“Since Warzone’s launch, though, many have criticized the slow responses of Raven and Activision to hacking, suggesting that their failure to implement a robust anti-cheat system is worsening the game for all players.”

Source(s) dexerto

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