TikTok star Tayler Holder is being called out by viewers after he posted a TikTok showing the fire department rescuing fellow TikToker Markell Washington from a window ledge, some saying it was a “waste of the firemen’s time.”

Georgina Smith from dexerto says “It’s not uncommon for popular TikTokers to get caught up in some bizarre situations. With stars like Bryce Hall and others pulling pranks on the regular, creators are constantly looking for the next shocking thing they can do to surprise their fans.But Tayler Holder’s new TikTok actually ended up getting him and his friends more backlash than praise, after they ended up calling the fire department to rescue their friend Markell Washington.

At the start of the video, Tayler explained, “so, we had this awesome idea that we thought of, and it was to launch Markell up there, and now he can’t get down.” Sure enough, Markell was standing on the ledge no way to get down.

Tayler told his friend that “don’t worry Markell, we have an idea on the way right now,” and that idea arrived in the form of three firetrucks. The firefighters had to walk into the house and set up a latter to help Markell down.


While almost everyone in the house thought that this situation was funny, a lot of people in Taylors comments were disappointed in the video. “Why didn’t they just get him down with their own ladder instead of wasting the firemen’s time?” one user wrote.

Comment on Tayler Holder's TikTok

“This video is disappointing,” another wrote. “They leave everything behind to rush for emergencies. Their work is not a joke.”

However, there were also some commenters defending the group of TikTokers, saying, “I don’t understand why everyone is pressed in the comments. They act as if all 106 fire stations in LA are at their house.”

Comment on Tayler Holder's TikTok

“While it might not have originally been their intention to get the fire department involved, many fans are expressing frustration with the video. The TikTok now has 1.9 million views and over 490,000 likes.”

Source(s) Dexerto, Tayler Holder

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