Hype has been surrounding Fortnite Season 6 and the potential DC Comics crossover. While the stars have been aligning, recent leaks have seemingly shot down the rumors just days before the launch.

“DC Comics fans were hoping for a content extravaganza like those Marvel fans received in Fortnite Season 4. The colossal crossover saw dozens of characters from the MCU added into the battle royale, with the event even being based around it.”

However, it appears that won’t be the case for the DC franchise stars.

Fortnite Batman Catwoman collab
Epic Games

After many people speculated the wake of Fortnite x Batman Comic leaks, as well as by big community figures, dataminers have shot the idea down and shot down any hope for a big DC crossover as big as the marvel crossover.

‘ShiinaBR’ confirmed that the Season 6 battle pass ⁠— a core component of the Marvel crossover in Season 4 ⁠— is “100% not DC-themed.”

The season 6 battle pass has not been confirmed, but many leaks are ruling out the idea of a DC themed battle pass.

“It has left the door open for Epic Games to surprise Fortnite players with another massive event. Given they are looking to end Season 5 on a bang, it all depends on what happens then before we get a look into Week 6.”

Source(s) Dexerto, ShiinaBR

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