Call of Duty battle royale hit Warzone officially turned one year old on March 10, so we wanted to test your knowledge of the game that has taken over the world.

Dexerto says “Throughout the first year of Warzone, we’ve seen a number of huge changes across the meta. When it was first introduced, the popular Modern Warfare multiplayer weapons, with a lot of M4A1s and MP5s in the mix.Since then, however, we’ve seen new locations arrive, numerous Easter Eggs crop up to give players rewards, and the Resurgence mode has provided us with a more frantic and action-packed map in Rebirth Island.But, how much do you really know about Warzone? If you’ve been playing since day one, this should be easy, but you will need to get your thinking hat on for this one.”

Take our Warzone anniversary quiz!

So, how did you do? We’d be surprised if anyone got full marks, but stranger things have happened (Warzone Glitch, anyone?).

“Going forward, there’s a lot to look forward to in the second year of Warzone. For a long time, leaks and rumors have spilled out over a new map called Ural Mountains, which is expected to arrive in March or April 2021.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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