Charli D’Amelio reveals Dixie stole their mom’s car on Jimmy Fallon

Charli D’Amelio has exposed her sister Dixie on national television for stealing their mom’s car after appearing on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

TikTok’s biggest star Charli D’Amelio appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon almost close to a year after she made her talk show debut, but this time, she was with her sister Dixie.

Dexerto says “Since Charli D’Amelio’s rapid rise to fame, becoming the most followed star on the app, the D’Amelios have become the royal family of TikTok. Recently, Charli even overtook PewDiePie as the most followed creator on a single platform with more than 109 million followers.Dixie D’Amelio has also rapidly grown in popularity, joining the Hype House alongside Charli before they both quit when they quickly outgrew the collective. Dixie also launched a music career.”

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio hug one another
Instagram: Bryant

It was no surprise that both of them appeared on the show as Jimmy wanted both stars. Around this time last year, Charli was fast approaching 50 million followers on the famous platfrom “Tiktok” and she has now more than doubled that.

After Charli and Dixies huge successes in the past year expanded way past Tiktok. Both Dixie and Charli had much to talk about with Jimmy but that was before Jimmy decided he wanted to play a game.

In one of the first segments of the show, Jimmy had Charli and Dixie play the game where one sister would wear noise-canceling headphones while he asked a personal question about the other. The talk show host Jimmy then asked Charli to expose something crazy that their parents Heidi and Marc D’Amelio, still don’t know about to this day.

Charli then became real hesitant to get Dixie in trouble, Charli thought hard about what she could actually say, before eventually revealing that when in high school, Dixie had stolen their mom’s car to go to a friend’s house. ”I think she just wanted to be rebellious once, I don’t know. She stopped there.”

But you could tell that Charli felt bad for what she said about Dixie because she said “I don’t want to get her in trouble! Sorry mom!” “but when Dixie was asked the same question about herself, she gave the same answer, which relieved Charli as it turned out their Mom and Dad already knew.”


Dixie was relieved to give the same answer too, so she wouldnt half to admit two things that her parents didn’t know .

“Either way, fans will surely have loved to have seen how Heidi and Marc D’Amelio first reacted when Dixie told them the truth.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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