Bizarre ‘Tiny Arms Challenge’ goes viral on TikTok

TikTok users are obsessed with a funny new trend, the Tiny Arms Challenge, that sees people position their phones in a specific way on the floor to make their body look bizarrely out of proportion.

With TikTok booming in popularity over the last year in particular, with stars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae building a following of millions all thanks to the platform, many are turning to the Bytedance-owned app for their daily dose of entertainment.

“The app has also become widely recognized for its host of trends, which pop up very frequently and spread to For You Pages across the world. These videos often range from hilarious to straight-up weird.”

TikTok app logo on a phone
Unsplash: Solen Feyissa

A trend called “Bugs Bunny” was a challenge that had people all across TikTok miming a new Russian song called ‘Gucci,’ lying on the floor and tucking their feet behind their head giving the allusion they have bunny ears.


While this new and fun trend provided hundreds of thousand of Tiktok users to show off there best look, the Tiny Arms Challenge has got people intentionally trying to make themselves look as strange as possible.


IM SCREAMING this is my new fave trend stg #waitrose #wap #fyp

♬ sonido original – maximo lenis

Participants will put their phone on the floor facing upwards, and position themselves so they are standing slightly over the top of their phone. “Usually to the tune of Daft Punk’s song ‘Around the World,’ people raise their arms in the air so they appear to be much smaller than they actually are, dancing along to the song.”

While it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly were this genius idea came from sense Tiktok is such a huge platform, many cite the user joegrizz1y as being one of the first to try out the strange trend, with others finding out about the trend via lisagiordanoo’s popular video.

A countless amount of people are participating in the Tiny Arms Challenge, including Ethan Klein, and Nathns as the pose matched with the beat to make a perfect viral and trendy Tiktok.

If you decided to give the trend a go you could find that it’s hard to get the exact angle and pose the first time. “But by experimenting with the position of your phone and how far in you zoom, you should eventually be able to mimic the tiny arms effect.”

Source(s) Dexerto

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